Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Together We Will Live Forever

I don't know why this line has so much effect on me ... It first came to my attention when I was listening to the soundtracks of The Fountain and the Piano track that stood out (I believe John pointed out but I didn't take note at first)

and then the track's title got my attention .. I really don't know why but I really attracted to that title

When I finally watched the movie, I could guess the reason ... told CPT PENG that maybe it's the longing for that person ... my Eve

here the extract of quote when it had the most impact with me during the movie

Queen Isabel: Then you shall take this ring to remind you of your promise.

[hands him the ring]

Queen Isabel: You shall wear it when you find Eden, and when you return, I shall be your Eve.

[he looks at her]

Queen Isabel: Together we will live forever.

U could listen to Rachel Weisz said it @
Choose 1500
then choose The Underworld
to follow the experience until she finally says those quote

It's not a easy movie to follow / understand ... like Stefan said .. it's a mindfuck and it does it slowly and in the most unexpected way ... I didn't really understand it from the way I saw it ... after reading Stefan's view on it .. it did shred a few lights on it .. for better understanding .. check out his views or those that are mention at Wiki

Like many had said, The Fountain need to be watch a couple of time to gasp what going on and i am willing to do just that ...

Cos i got the time and together we will live forever

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