Thursday, March 08, 2007

Closing the Window? YES YES YES !!!

imdb reported there are Proposals to release movies in theaters and DVD simultaneously ! (closing the window between the release movie and Dvd) OHHHHHHHHHHHH Yes ! I am giving up on watching movies in theaters because there are STUPID People who CANT SHUT UP while watching MOVIES!

the final straw was while watching the Fountain ... it was going to be those deep movie that requires the audience to think and be patience enough to be sweep by the mood of the movie ... of cos people with pea brain will not be able to do that .... and LUCKY ME was sitting behind a group of youngster who definitely didn't get the movie and was chatting with each other (they might think they are whispering but it just damn irritating)

and then, there was this old indian ah pek who sat in the row behind me ... when he walked into the theater, pardon my stereotyping, but he don't seem like the type that will know or appreciate this type of movie and BINGO ... I was right .. he spend his time munching and moving his plastic bags around ... moving plastic bags got sound meh (u might ask)? ... yes in the enclosed room during the quieter moments... it's deafening! An ANG MO tried to ask him to keep it down but he ignored her and continue to do what he probably does in a coffee shop after a day of begging.... fuck .. i think someone gave him free movie passes and he didn't know what to do or nothing to do so came in to enjoy air con.

FUCKERS! the show already so difficult to understand and they are still providing such entertaining distractions .... I think I am going to revert back to my old "CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP QUIET WHILE WATCHING MOVIE" mode ... so much for trying to be nice to people ... I don't recall why I made such a promise to be so friendly to this fuckers who don't give a damn and think it's their living room ... shall think of nasty things to say to them ... "your brain cannot hold the thoughts until the end of the movie ah ?" or "i know you are scared / bored / horny but cant u keep it down? i also pay money to watch this movie"

Will this Proposals ever get thru? hmmm it's highly unlikely but then in a age where consumer should be King, why can't it? it might be a slow process but it should be the direction that we are heading towards! there are more and more online sales of mp3 ... indivdual tracks instead of getting the whole album for the casual fans ... but like Stefan said, the cinema vendors will Kao Bei Kao Bu ... all i can say it's time for them to feel the pain when they had the monopoly and increase price of the tickets much to our displeasure ... well if they can work a way to stop people from chatting while watching the show ... hmmm still highly unlikely

At this point of time, I think I will either only watch those cheem movies when the movie is out on dvd, no point spending time with people who can't shut up .... still it's good to know that one day I might be able to watch those cheem movies at the same time as its release in theaters

One can only hope

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