Thursday, March 01, 2007

I am bringing You to Work!

My Friend and I were going to Geylang for supper and I drove towards PIE from TPE instead of going by CTE to PIE.

Suddenly my fren asked, "Why are we going by this way?"

As we were on TPE, heading towards Changi Airport (her workplace), I told her "I am bringing you to work"

She looked at me and kept quiet for a while ... and asked "Really ah?"

I looked at her and said:"yeah, Changi Airport your workplace right ?"

Then she bursts out laughing and said: "I thought you said you are going to bring me to Geylang to work"

Yeah .. Pimp my Ride !


Your Younger Brother said...

so romantic...

richardlimjr said...

it's quite misleading isn't it ... don't read too much into it la : )