Saturday, February 10, 2007

tragically charismatic

oh no ... this post n topic is not about me : )

those two words pop up in my mind when I was listening to Robbie Williams' latest album Rubebox ...

and no ... i don't know him that well nor do i follow his "news" that much but from what i gathered and what i imagine ... it's quite sad to be him

just imagine .. a guy (or a rockstar to aid ur imagination ) who most likely could get any girl he fancy but spoiled for choice and maybe as much as he wish, he could not settle down with anyone

charismatic yes ... but tragic too

PS: there been a couple of people who asked me why issit my nick .. well i hope this post will help explain ... ( n not confuse )

1 comment:

Stefan S said...

tragic meh?

if i were a rock star, i'd have fun with my groupies