Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I must confess

I haven't been doing my exercise routine for quite sometime liao and I feel rotten about it ... rotten till it got a bit depressing

or maybe i gotten the blues and halted the routine ? anyway my room is in a mess again (mess created by the new computer when it moved in) and i got no mood to clean them up ... i am veering off the course of goal that i am trying to attain and been chunking on chocolate again ...

maybe it's the weak will power that i got ... which often make me realize that i probably won't make a very good superhero

I swear on the 14th Feb, I will clean my room up n reboot my exercise routine again (which I started my 30mins walk again) ... yeah 14th Feb would be a good day to start since I decided to self exile myself from the lovey dovey public and all media if possible ...

but i often wonder .. what knock me off my course ... partly it's the computer .. i been glued to it ... playing mine sweeper ... yeah sad ... getting a new computer that can process twice my old pc n i am playing mine sweeper .... sigh i should be fragging some virtual creature with it ... but tat me ... big talent small use

another thing got me off course might be what my fren said ... while having late night supper, she said "nah, u r not that fat and u shouldn't be so worry or concern about losing weight. " hmmmm could it be possible ?? someone who is not turn off by my tummy ?? which i am finding very revolting nowadays and cant wait to get rid of ??

now this is a very chio girl who was the object of many guys' affection and when someone like her said that ... it felt like there hope for ugly fat people all around the world to attain what they had always wish for !!! yes there a god !!! life suddenly felt so sweet ... what a relief ... not all chio girls mind fat people !!!

and then she asked me to finish the remaining supper ... pause ... wait a min ... hmmmm was that just a plot to make me finish the food ???

anyway time is running out ... i planned to lose at least 10 kg by my fren's wedding during mid April which seem like mission impossible now (specially i only lost 1kg n afterwhich i slack off)... strangely my fren, the groom had decided not to lose weight while me the MC is desperately trying to lose weight ... yeah I looked very fat in last fren's wedding photos and not going to repeat that mistake again!

it's okie if it doesnt make sense ... its 3am in the morning n i am just rambling


Stefan S said...

i think most chio girls are looking at the fat paycheck, never mind the fat around the waist LOL

anyway u should join RT, although it has screwed up my movie watching schedule, I can better fit into my pants, though I still weigh the same LOL become trimmer I think

and get off that minesweeper! Play Solitaire!

Stefan S said...

I think I want to make film about your life right now

- the quest for losing weight
- not khauing that chio bu
- wtf are you playing minesweeper on a brand new PC

lol :P
come, let's write screenplay first!

richardlimjr said...

my life now is a boring mess .. wat so good abt it to do a film abt it ??? unless u can do something like Alexander Payne stuff ... I am so in : )

I love to join u for RT but NS deemed me as unsafe for physical activities ... so lugi la .. cannot win any prize money for IPPT

Stefan S said...

it may be boring, but we can spin it into something interesting for a film

my RT will end this Thu, then I might opt for the voluntary 10 week training regime :P

and am still trying to find that motivation to hit the gym on my own lol

richardlimjr said...

think of the number of gays tat will hit on u !!!! must go gym asap !!! hahahaha