Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Between Yellow & Iris

When life can feel so unloved and lonely ... i received an sms out of the blue from my ex who sort of a long distance buddy now ... she heard Yellow, our song over the radio n sms me with a Valentine Day greetings ... tho it was rather simple, i felt somewhat touch by this simple msg

Initially I thought she got the wrong song or the wrong person cos I remember that it was Iris and it turned out that we have 2 songs ! hehehe Yellow & Iris : ) wah liew ... greedy huh ... we only been together for a couple of months and we got 2 songs !!!

Later that day, when i was doing my last min new year clothes shopping, the department store was playing Iris over the PA system ... sigh it just felt so bittersweet then n there ...

tho i dont know what the future holds for me but hey at least "You'll Know You Were Loved " (another great song by Lou Reed in the first FRIENDS soundtrack) (Change all the You to I )

heheh oh anyone want to know why those were our songs ???

at first i don't remember why they were our songs until I heard it on youtube while looking for the vidz to post it here ...

for Yellow, it was before we were together ... I took bits of the lyrics and icq to her (yes back when ICQ was king) ... she asked if I wrote them and there was this part of the lyrics that came with "I wrote the song for you" ... so i used it and technically, I wasn't lying ... she found out abt it in the end but i guess that the first song that got our relationship started

for Iris, it was during a bad patch of our relationship ... there were disapproval and to many who know what we did ... we were like the bad guys ... and the chorus in this song somehow make it felt all right as long as we have each other "and i dont want the world to see me, cos i dont think they will understand, when everything made to be broken, I just want you to know who i am"

hmmmm if anyone else want to know what songs I had with other people or i tagged other with ... feel free to ask ... i might just write it down ... but then some might not even know that a certain song will remind me of them : )


Anonymous said...

hey fat fat. Can I call you fat fat? My friend Ravi might be interested in becoming 'friend' with you.

richardlimjr said...

oh my gosh !!! the last person that called me fat fat was ... could it be ??? how did u know my blog ??? oh no ... lucky i didn't reveal all the details here !! hahaha

sure .. bring it on .. Ravi ... girl right ??