Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Great Steamy Shower Scene & Empty Swimming Pool

GIGI Leong - 原來愛情這麼傷

a couple of reasons why i am watching this mtv over n over again ... of cos the most obvious reason would be Gigi's showering scenes ! hahah she is never the type of girl for me but this is one steamy shower scene !

& of cos for that person who pointed out this song to me ...

Liang Jing Ru 梁景如 - Fen Shou Kuai Le (分手快乐)
(Happiness After Break-Up)
featuring 黃嘉千 Huang ChiaQian, 汪佩蓉 Frankie Wang PeiRong, and Boxx

Hey ... live life with a smile and charm them with your confidence .. now i need 4 girls to sing this song to me n pour water all over my head : ) hehehe

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