Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What are the odds ?

Was rushing to Suntec to meet my friend to pass her some dvds and vcds, the bus that I was in refused to close it's door properly. I believed it's a hazard to drive with a door that's not close properly, the jolly bus drive apologize and inform us that we gotto get down.

As it was my first time, I was wondering why passengers form a line and made their exit at the front, tapping their ezlink card and getting a bus ticket from the bus driver before they alight instead of leaving at the other exits.

I kinda "know" that there will be some sort of refunds and the refund should be made via rebate thru ezlink but I got no idea what is the bus driver handling out ... ticket to complain ?

Anyway i just follow suit and queue to get the ticket. It was bloody long and I was worried cos it look like it's going to rain and I dont want to get caught in the rain to my next destination after meeting my friend.

When I alighted, I took a good look at the ticket and realized it's a complimentary ride! Yeah the cheapo in me was cheering !!! Not too bad ! a free ride and a free ride ! hehehe if only it was one stop from my final destination, i would walk the rest of the way but then it was too far and the skies looked too gloomy.

The next ride came along fairly soon and I met my friend, gone for my next appointment and soon, my day activities came to an end. I board on another bus, heading home and I got a weird feeling.

I don't recall the last time I was in a bus that broke down before the journey's end. A crazy thought came into my mind ... what if the bus that I am taking home breaks down too ?? hehe I made my plans in case that scenario happens, then forgot about it and start checking out fellow passengers.

AND what Do U know ? at the bus stop before my final stop, I smelled something burnt. I was seating at the back, near the engine and my seat was getting hot. My sense was buzzing and the feeling to leave this bus was overwhelming !

I jumped out of my seat and rush to the exit. Just when my feet left the bus, I heard a loud explosion. The seat that i was in was in flame and the passenger that was beside me was being burnt alive. I stared at it in disbelief ... it could have been me

Nah, it didn't happen that way la. But hey if U believe for a moment, please let me know : ) The Burnt smell was true and so was me jumping out of the seat as it was getting hot and I dont want my butt to get damaged by the heat.

I got a feeling that the afternoon event is repeating itself again and I waited near the exit. True enough, after one or two seconds later, the bus driver broke the news that the bus is down and we gotto alight right now.

Guess who is among the first to get the free ticket from the bus driver ?

But I am very amused by the events that happened today. I don't recall the last time I was in a bus that broke down and it occurred twice today. What are the odds ?

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