Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Longevity Rain

It's raining the whole day today and it's not just the day, it was 24 hours of rain. The only time I remember non-stop rain was when I was in primary school.

Some might think it's an indication that our environment had finally gone screwy due to pollutions but to me, it had another special indication.

Someone once read my fortune for me and foretold me that it's either that I will die young or live to a grand old age. It might seem foolish cos that someone isn't in the fortune telling profession but something happened to me before that I made me believe that person. The biggest obstacle will happen in my twenties and if I made it thru, I might get to live to be a old tiko pek.

It might have no implication at all and I might be thinking too much (again) but I welcome to endless rain. Good to cool down and unwind too.

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