Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Necessity is the mother of all invention

Was about to go off Plaza Sin and as predicated earlier, it started to rain.

Rain as in drizzle not thunderstorm type.

But I was carrying some left over posters which were not claimed by a certain few ungrateful contestants. I didn't mind walking in the rain but I didn't like the idea of getting those posters wet. (Even tho the posters are of movies that I despised and won't be watching it ever even for free.)

so hanging around Plaza Sin main entrance .. I wondered if I am going to wait for the drizzle to stop ...

you know la , drizzle can have very long life one and might not stop for a few hours. I just had a lousy haircut (read entry below) and kinda want to wash it off .. it's either that or i want to hide my head from other people's viewing pleasure

then hanging around ... inhaling the second hand smoke from those nice smokers who decided to gather around the entrance and create a cloud of their own .. I saw umbrella shield that shopping centre put in front of their entrance so that people who drip their wet umbrella all over the shopping centre ...

What can prevent can also protect !

Yup that what creep into my mind ... actually this is the part where I would like to put the pictures of how to do it but computer n handphone problem so I cant do it ... return for more later la

first ... roll the posters up until the poster can be push into the umbrella shield ... there will be one expose side

then take another shield and push the expose side into the second shield

there u have it ... a rolled up posters that protected from the rain : ) and off i go ...

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