Saturday, May 13, 2006

so stupid

My Yesasia package had arrived and I got it during my way out to ferry my mom around. She noticed that I got a Vcd (The Peach Blossom Land) that got Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia on the cover and ask if she could watch it tonight as there nothing good on TV.

So later that evening, she did ask me to play the Vcd for her after my Dad was done with the evening news. When everything was setup nicely, I went back to my room to listen to the “A Bittersweet Life” soundtrack that I just gotten with the Yesasia package.

Before I could finish the 5th track, my mom came into my room complaining (if not shouting) “So Stupid!”

“I never seen such a stupid movie before”

I was amused by her reaction. However I did wonder if I should feel hurt that she just trashed the movie I enjoyed and went around looking for it (both local stores and internet).

wanna know more abt the movie ? click here


Stefan S said...

haha, no worries lah
there are films i like which my parents don't and vice versa

one person's meat is another's poison :)

who knows, next time you will tell your son that his favourite movie is "so stupid" too :P

richardlimjr said...

Never !! I wont do that to my own son : ) haha let just wait and see

cpt john miller said...

Actually I hate that film too... :P

Stefan S said...

never say never!

don't let me read your son's blog and he writes that you told him his favourite movie is "so stupid" ah :P