Friday, April 07, 2006

My Third Online Dvd Purchases : Ebay + VpostUsa Saga Part Finale

It took only 2 more days from the other ebay - vpost shipments.

cant wait to watch this movie in reverse order

and what my verdict on Ebay n VpostUsa ?

hmmm I dont think I will ever buy anything via them that I could get from other online Dvds sellers such as DeepDiscountDvd.

VpostUsa was just too expensive. Bloody hell, Base Charge and Variable Charges. It just not worth it. And the service ... well I got no problems with those who answered my local inquiry but the online email took quite sometime to get back to me. Specially nearing the end of the Discount promo, they kept asking me if that certain package belongs to me ... which I replied 3 times, each time taking a couple of days in between.

and I know they have to be sure but then it came to a point that it was bloody obvious that the package was mine and which item it was supposed to be and they have to ask me ! argh !!

dont think I will ever use them again unless the item I want does not ship international and I want it so badly that I dont mind the extra cost

Ebay: hmmm so far so good ... only encounter 1 person during this Dvd spree that didn't listen to my instruction. there was some minor dents for the used items but otherwise I am fine with it. but will i keep buying from them ? I am not sure about that ... this spree might even cost me from taking part in the next DDD 20% sale ... and it got to be item that I cant get from a US online seller that is willing to ship to Singapore

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