Friday, March 17, 2006

Genting : 7 years later

Our Up North Destination this time round was Genting. Was supposed to be Penang but our client went to Genting for a gambling weekend so we go where the client goes : )

Haven't been up to Genting since 1999 and It's my first time driving up the Genting highland. Back when I was just a little boy, it was always travel bus or my dad drove the car up. It was quite exciting but not as difficult as I was expecting. Given the road was winding and up slope, it wasn't as bad as people had told when I was younger.

Taking the cable car up would be fun but then the car was the preferred choice of transport for the rest so tsk tsk tsk

Upon reaching the summit, we saw at least 30 people queuing for the hotel of our choice. After going thru 2 hotels, we were told that the only hotel available was the First World Hotel (the colourful hotel you see above ^).

Yeah the First World seems to be the lowest class among the hotels up on the Genting Highlands but since we are there on school holidays week, I guess we didn't have much option, at least we got the superior room which was not too bad.

The views from my room was quite cool too : ) right in front was the Genting Hotel and the Highlands Hotel. Yup two of the fully booked hotels ! wonder how issit like to stay there ... lucky they are all linked together so getting across wasn’t difficult but I do wish to stay over at that two hotels at least once (u know, to compare which hotel better la).

and a fantastic view away from the other hotels

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