Saturday, February 04, 2006

CNY 7 : YU Sheng, Nian Gao and Wining at Mahjong!

My Favourite CNY day after the first day of CNY! Everyone's Birthday today!

Technically this is the first day to toss the Yu Sheng but nowadays Yu Sheng are being served even days before CNY Eve.

ANd then there the Nian Gao ! hehehe another favourite food to look forward to every CNY! Sliced into thin pieces and dip into a flour mix with egg. Then Deep Fried until Golden Yellow! YUM YUM !

After celebrating CNY 7th day, seems that my luck had also gotten better (it's either that or I met someone who "gave" me luck as I coach him how to play Mahjong) and Won quite a few games quickly! Good Tiles keep coming to me! Technically I won $28 but then again, the chips are for show only.

It's just great to be winning again!

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