Saturday, February 04, 2006

CNY 6 : Indian Poker

Went to my Old Secondary School Friend, Damon's place for a CNY gathering (with Victor & ZVS and their spouses) and we end up playing a game Damon introduced us long time ago >> Indian Poker.

The game is easy; every one draws a card and put it on their forehead, revealing the card to everyone else but themselves. Then base on what each player see on the other's forehead, he or she gets to fill a forfeit drink as much as who he or she think is the loser. In the end, whoever got the smallest card will have to drink whatever quantity filled in the cup.

We used to play with water and this time round, we played with red / white wine and some Jim Bean!

~my attempt to capture my red face~

Victor and I were the biggest losers of this game; both of us took turn in drawing the smallest card and drowning ourselves with liquor. We turned pretty Red and damn high, laughing at almost every single thing.

it wasn't too long when I kong out and had to drift off into dreamland.

~wonder who took this picture ah?~

Victor was able to continue playing in a drunken state and by the time I woke up, I was in time to witness his 2nd puking. (See picture below)

~don't have a picture of me puking cos I was too busy!~

Not long later, as we were making our way to the car park, it was my turn to puke my guts out! Strangely Puking is both a horrible and great feeling. It’s a horrible feeling cos your stomach is forcing everything out and everything smells terrible but then the choking feeling is gone.

Anyway thanks to ZVS’s patting and water to wash my vomit stained hands and mouth. Hehehe Denise was standing far away becos my vomiting sounds is inducing her to vomit too. Sigh both Victor and I must thanks our partners for taking care for us later in the night, Specially Denise for tucking me in and driving me back home.

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