Friday, January 27, 2006

the worst thing that can happen to U in a Changing Room

Was doing my very last minute shopping for CNY’s clothing at Marina Square’s Baleno when something unexpected happened to me when I was trying out a new pair of jeans. Something Smelly!

Yikes someone took off his or her shoes and it stink up the whole place! It was so bad that I couldn’t proceed on to the second piece of clothing that I brought in and have to evacuate the Changing Room area.

The weirdest part was that there were a few young girls trying out the clothing outside the changing room (a la fashion parade) and don’t they smell that stinky smell? I am pretty sure it wasn’t the young girls cos they were wearing slippers and when the smell disappeared (which was until after a guy left the changing room area), they were still around that changing room area.

Yikes! Worst experience trying out new clothing and weirdest experience to see the young girls that are unaffected by that smell.

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