Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Wake: a gathering for old friends?

Strange but that what just happened …

My friend’s mom just passed away and during the wake, I didn’t even had to pay respect to the deceased or speak much to my friend as she was busy with her colleagues and other family matters.

Instead I spent 3 hours there catching up with friends that I haven’t met for many many years. It was fun and it’s like we never missed a beat at all and it was back to the good old days of organizing camps for Ywca.

Heck we even talk about potential business partnership, grading my photo taking skills (hahaha I got praised by my professional photograph expert fren which was very rare !) and even how to scoop curry out (without the oil) … yeah like the good old days !

And when I overheard someone else (whom I don’t really know) said, “Don’t wait till the next wake to meet up again” It did summarized how strange I felt after the whole gathering ended, Must we wait until someone to die before we can meet up?

Yeah like what my photograph expert fren points out > “I am too busy” excuse doesn’t really stand too

Mental note : must meet up with old friends more often !

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