Monday, December 26, 2005

Singapore Snow Blitz

While Andrew's Grandparents are learning how to "Cha Cha Cha", Denise and I brought Andrew to Tanglin Mall's Snow Fest! After dropping them and parking my car at the basement car park (which a lot of other visiting cars didnt and park along the road beside Tanglin Mall ~ tsk tsk tsk), I wonder how am I going to find Denise and Andrew (Since I am holding her HP and there so much soapy forms/many kids around)

The first person I saw was not Denise but someone famous instead ... guess who ?

and pretty soon, I found her hubby nearby playing with their son ... I was getting worried cos if I am not able to find them now, how will I be able to find them when the snow machine starts ?

Then nearby a foam cannon, all dressed up for the snowing, I finally found them. Well I would have nearly missed Andrew cos he was almost hidden by the snow foam but lucky Denise was taller and was wearing black (which make it easier in the midst of lots of white)

the commencement of the snow blitz

one of the best picture that I took during this snow storm : )

yeah me ... getting lost in all this foam

even caught him kissing the "snow" ... yike I hope the "snow" is non-toxic

wading out of the snow storm, my feet are covered by foams/snow ... kinda yucky feeling and all this for half hour of mayhem ? hehehe it was fun but I still prefer the real thing over this ...

Just before we made our way back home, Andrew stopped by a toy shop and refused to budge. Kinda amusing the way he put his hands behind his back and look like he was inspecting the toys. ~aye sir, we will move faster now~

even after all these snow madness, we were still back in time to catch GrandParents cha cha in action

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