Monday, July 21, 2014

What my Red Pepper has been doing under my nose !

Recently my Red Pepper been flowering ... and I thought weather was too hot, it's been dropping lots of leaves and flowers. I thought it was going to be gone case liao but while clearing the dead leaves / flowers, I notice a little weird bud growing on where a dead flower used to be.

and unexpectedly, I found a small pepper growing...

 I was so elated, so I took the flower pot down for a close look .... and and I was shocked to find that there are already other bigger size peppers growing !

 So Happy to see them !

I wasn't expecting this but there were two rather "big*" ones at the bottom! Kinda embarrassed that I didn't notice them even though I been watering them daily ... But I am very happy ... given these few days, some of my plants been attacked by pest and I am thinking of giving up growing stuff in my balcony.

Hopefully they will become bigger and turn red in the near future.... fingers crossed

*Big as in Big compare to the two small ones above .... it's about the size of a walnut or smaller

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