Sunday, May 18, 2014

MY quest to make Smoked Duck with Mango and Lemon

Smoked Duck with Mango and Lemon

 I was looking for Dim Sum restaurants in Singapore and I came across a blog post on Peach Garden Dim Sum. The first thing that caught my eyes was the Smoked Duck with fresh mango and Lemon. Heng Heng I just bought some mangoes and didn't know what dish to make. This dish look yummy so I rush down to the nearby supermarkets to find Smoked Duck breast.

Smoked Duck Breasts are so hard to find! But I managed to find it at Taka Supermarket ... I think I was looking at the wrong section at the previous 2 supermarkets that I been to. Also quite heng ... only left 2 pieces (paiseh to the old friend that I bump into ... I was rushing to find Smoked Duck Breasts)

Come back home and after re reading the blog post, I realize it need to be drizzle with Thai style sweet onion chilli sauce. Heng Heng (power to 3) I got all the ingredients and blended my first Thai style sweet onion chilli sauce. Taste not bad too.

The end result was quite yummylicious . Mango was sweet yummy (tis the Season of Mango!), Smoked Duck Breasts was yummy and Maria gave her thumb of approval. Happy Yummy Sunday Night

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