Friday, August 09, 2013

Hamlet Return Home

a missing hamster episode ended in a sweet note this morning ... it also somewhat confirmed my suspicion that my hamster will go back to her cage to sleep after a night walk 

 Hamlet went missing during her daily night walk ... couldn't find her but I know she is still at home as all the doors were shut. I just didn't know where she hide. She might had fallen asleep in one of the cupboard during her "lengthy" walk.

 I wasn't in a panic mode as I suspect that she might return back to her cage after she wakes up or when she is done with her walk. But I didn't sleep well and had to check her cage every couple of hours.

 Finally, in the morning, I found her sleeping in her cage ... soundly. Was kinda upset that she pull a vanish act (make me can't sleep well) but I was happy that she will find her way back to her own home.

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