Tuesday, July 10, 2012

At 新橋駅 Shimbashi Station

guess where am I now .... Internet Cafe!

nope I didnt miss the train ... its part of the plan ... later at 4ish, I plan to go to fish market ... but i think today got no auction ... just go see see

first time at a internet cafe that provides tissue, wet tissue and lots of plastic bags

I purposely wait for suggestive images to appear on screen to capture this photo. it's also got my room number on a key that used to activate the porn ... opps I mean internet in this room

it's really a good photo shot! !! It captured so much info! !! My friend pointed out that "This angle and timing is perfect! Juz look at the mirror reflection!!!! " 

But I'm worried if it caught reflection of something else but lucky I wasn't caught with my pants down.

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