Friday, August 19, 2011

Mt Fuji & Tokyo - 10 Jul 2012 to 19 Jul 2012

Just took the first step to climb Mt Fuji in 2012. Booked the return Airasia flight from KL to Tokyo for $303. Step 2 would be getting the return flight from SG to KL. Step 3 & 4 Learn Japanese conversation daily and start training for mountain climbing. 
Targeting the climb either on Thur 12 Jul 2012 to Friday 13 Jul 2012 or any day within Mon 16 Jul 2012 to Wed 18 Jul 2012. A rest day for Thur 19 Jul and prepare for the journey back at 11pm.
Likely to reach Tokyo Haneda Airport at 2230hrs. Instead of rushing to check in at a hotel / hostel, I would probably try to stay in a capsule hotel or a manga cafe near Tsukiji. Afterwhich, wake up early to visit the fish market at Tsukiji for sushi breakfast. Then check out and make my way to the hotel that I booked.
Would also like to visit Shibuya Station for the very first time. Hopefully I can locate Hachikō bronze statue. Perhaps I would visit the National Science Museum of Japan to see the real Hachikō .
 Last but not least, I would really like to visit the Sumo wrestling training and the Earthquake simulator in Tokyo. Didn't get to do that at the last trip in 2009 so hopefully, this time round, I would finally be able to accomplish that. 

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