Friday, November 19, 2010

Victor's Kitchen @ Sunshine Plaza - Updates with New Dishes

Two new dishes from Victor's Kitchen that stole my heart.

< Panfried Waterchest Nut Cake. It's not exactly a new dish. It's been available since May but I haven't been updating my blog.

 Love the crispy exterior and the sweet taste of Waterchest nut inside. This is one dish that balance the sweetness well. Quite a refreshing change of taste when you have your fill of dim sim there.

from what I know, this dish is only available during the weekend, starting from Friday.  Might be available on other days like Monday but call to check.

Next dish that I tried today

                           Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun>

a dish that I been looking for a long time. a bun that is filled with salted egg sauce in a bun. I tried it in a KL dim sum restaurant and their version is a deep fried bun with the savory salted egg yolk in it. Although Victor's Kitchen version comes in a steam bun format, the watery yolk in it was way better than the one I had in KL. Sweet & savory yolk that gush out when you take a bite. Beware, I dripped this salted egg sauce all over my phone when I took my first bite.

these two dishes are currently my favorites and can't wait to bring my frens over to try.

Address: 91 Bencoolen Street #01-21 Sunshine Plaza Singapore Tel: +65 9838 2851

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