Monday, October 25, 2010

sun light

Was watching the extra segment on the Sunshine DVD (the Danny Boyle film) and came across this bit by Leonard Shlain... it's such a lovely way to describe Sunshine and how it link to the movie. A segment that I had to rewatch a few time to absorb the awe of what he was saying.
Fire is nothing more than sunlight stored.
So when you light a log in your fireplace... what you're witnessing is the release of the sunlight that was stored a long time ago in a primeval forest.
so there's something wonderful about starring at a fire and realiez that this is just another manifestation of sunlight ... coming out in another way

Leonard Shlain ~ Author ~
Just loving Sunshine more and more

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Eric Morder said...

puts a whole new cast on the drug-adled brain, no?