Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There will be a 3rd Batman movie!

Finally Christopher Nolan had confirmed to LA Times that he and his brother will be working on the 3rd Batman movie. Although he didn't reveal the exact details of the highly anticipated sequel to The Dark Knight, there are some points that we were able to gather from the news article.
  • Jonathan Nolan is working hard on the script. Based on David S. Goyer and the Nolan brothers came up with the story and as of the moment, Jonathan Nolan is working hard on the script. An epic story has been promised and in Christopher Nolan we trust.
  • No supernatural or super-science characters that are not based on realities ... yup ... that means no Mr Freeze or other villains of such nature.
  • The 3rd movie will be the end. It's not like a on going comics series or TV series that goes on and on. It will be a wrap up of things that had been introduced
  • and when they were stuck during their brain storming for the 3rd Batman movie, David S. Goyer came up with a great story concept for a new Superman movie . It managed to excite Christopher Nolan into taking up the producer role for it so we are pretty excited to see what is it all about.
Sound like it's heading to the right track. It's going to be quite an uphill battle ... seeing how The Dark Knight ended ... making so much money and Health Ledger's death (making it rather difficult to put Joker in the movie but a lot of people would like to see Joker again) ... very hard to top the 2nd act but Batman is in good hands so let's see what the Nolan brothers can come up with.

For the whole story, click here.

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