Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OH MY GOSH!!! I WON A SAMSUNG OMNIA 2! FROM Socialise-on-the-Move" !!!! I can't freakin believe it


Socialise-on-the-Move (by M1) having a contest going on and the prize was smartphones from different companies .... so i took part ... I have a feeling that I might win but downplay it ... and after a few days ... (today) my fren was telling me about someone liking her status and I thought I will just check it out and I saw this

Socialise-on-the-Move Congratulations to the "My Most-Wanted Phone" Contest winner - Richard Lim Jr who will be the proud owner of Samsung Omnia 2! Please look out for our verification email via your Facebook Inbox to redeem the prize!
about an hour ago

Was quite stunned and shocked to see that! rather unexpected tho I had a little gut feeling about it! I been planning to get a Samsung Jet phone but couldn't because I am tied to Singtel plans .... this news is just sweet!

How did I win the phone? All the participants need to do was like 1 phone from the companies and comment on why they like it ... well this was my attempt to win the phone ...

After trying out the smart phones out there, Samsung Omnia II is the one that stood out as my personal favorite.

The First and Most important reason would be the touchscreen reaction to my fingers and Omnia II had impressed me the most. It's a personal preference as the other phones do not react with the same comfort level. From there, It’s easy to utilize the impressive technology available in Omnia II.

Last but not least, the slick design of the phone and the capability of videoing in Dvd quality sealed the deal and ends my search for smart phones.

September 18 at 12:03pm

and here the link

a lot of people wrote abt the spec and I wrote about why the phone (actually was thinking of Jet) was better than the others ... it was from the bottom of my heart ... so happy that I won the smart phone!

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