Sunday, September 06, 2009

blowing out many birthday candles at once

Recently, I wrote a birthday greeting on a Perth friend (acquaintance )'s facebook page. The thing is that I also noticed from his fb photo pages, I kinda suspect (with affirmation from our mutual friends) that he is gay (a Christian tho)

My Birthday Greetings for him was

"The more candles, the bigger the wish.... Happy Birthday"

to which he replied

Acquaintance: "HAHA.. Thanx! Could i have 100 candles please!? "

I thought ... eeei how come so greedy one ... but played along and wrote

"hahaha now now ... Don't be too Greedy ahahaha"

and reminded him that

"remember you got to blow them out in one breathe for the wish to come true : )"

Acquaintance replied in a rather morbid fashion ...

Acquaintance:"hahaa.. true! dont think i can blow it in one breathe.. gonna kill me kah??"

to which, I was so tempted to say "NOT TODAY hahaha cos it's your Birthday today" but thought it was rather mean and not very nice to talk about death during one's birthday so I came up with a even more funnier and "pun" intended reply ...

I said ... :"haha just remember to blow real hard k!!! Jia YOu!"

and his expression was

8 / 23 / 09 2.18pm

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