Monday, August 03, 2009

Overheard: Kid said the darnest thing

Happened to hang around 2 young girls (couldn't be more than 5 years old) and the things that this little girl said was pretty shocking and amusing ...

Little Girl #1 = LG1
Little Girl #2 = LG2
My RadioHead = MRH (aka My Thoughts)

and here the bits that I happened to "walk into"

LG1: "and tonight we shall dine in hell"

LG2 and MRH: "HUH???"

MRH: "Isn't that from 300??"

LG1 to LG2: "that's from the movie 300... the guy said: "tonight we shall dine in hell""

LG2: "oh what does that mean?"

LG1: "that means they are going to eat monsters!"

MRH > -_-"

LG1: "and they are going to drink BLOOD"

MRH > *_*" (my eyes opened big big and I turn around to look at them and ...)

LG1: "then they become ten hundred!!!"

MRH: "Girl ... that's a thousand then"

Kinda shocking ... how come little girls like them would get to watch a movie like 300??? shouldn't they be watching Pixar or Old Disney movies (not the High School Musical tho cos they are just as bad as 300 ... for robbing their innocent)

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