Sunday, August 09, 2009

I can't understand why

"You know a movie is doomed when the only star in it is Tim Roth. You know it's pretentious when the ads print the logo backward and upside down. Not one word of this bilge makes one lick of sense, and it is two hours and six minutes long. The only way to survive Youth Without Youth is dead drunk. The least Mr Coppola could do is provide free Cabernet Sauvignon from his own vineyards. One bottle going in, another bottle staggering out." Rex Reed

Cannot understand why people call this a pretentious movie... it's stuff that dreams are made of ... it made me wonder ... why ppl are making it an issue that Tim Roth is the only star ... he is good

the ads print also look quite cool

and just becos you don't understand it doesn't means that it does not make sense ... maybe you lack the ability to see / appreciate the movie was about?

Youth without Youth is engaging from the start to the end

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