Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Pro SingleHood Stance

Since Stefan requested that I post it on the blog ... here goes ...

recently on a facebook group photo, I got a fren who kept trying to change my stance on Singlehood ... since i m feeling a bit better today ... i posted a super long post and well ... maybe share it here

If you want to know head n tails about it ... click here

I been keeping quiet as long as I could... at first, I was too sick to participate in fb and then later I realize that it's basically 2 schools of thoughts here and it's like the Muslims preaching to the Christians.

but then when someone says "lets not harm the single women folks out there by encouraging richard"

it compels me to reply (sound like an exorcist in action but that’s how it cause me to react … hehehe)

first up, I don’t understand why Winnie would like to could "push" me away from singlehood ideology. It’s like the Pandora box… are you ready for what’s inside before you open it? Cos once I start flirting, there’s not stopping and I don’t know how many victims will I leave behind at my door steps.

Joke aside; different people have different ways of seeing things … what works for you might not be the same for me. You speak of “when u fall in love, it is "no longer a commitment"” and I do agree but then again, I got this to add … sometimes the “honeymoon don’t last (that) long” and just because one party is still in love, it doesn’t necessary means that the other party would still be doing the same lovely dovey stuff (like sending “I miss you” sms or make time during busy work week to meet up – just some examples, any similarities in real life is purely unintended )

Anyway like Hock Chuan said, “Its never easy to fall in love with someone n build a relationship n get married to share life together” … what I like to add on is that there are plenty other form of distractions out there right now and given with so many options, it’s really hard to stay with just one.

I am aware of my imperfection and understand my own limits / taste. With those understandings, I realize the odds are stacked against me and if I consciously seek “couplehood..., it will be akin to knocking my head against the wall. When I came to an understanding and acceptance of my Singlehood ideology, I became more liberated and happy. I get to do stuff that girlfriends (typically Singapore girls) would frown upon and I am no longer burden with that anymore. I know who I love and I don’t have to force that person to be committed to me.

Simply put it, there a sort of freedom that feels so good and limitless that refreshes the soul and clears the mind. I am no longer bound by the views of the society and get to live the life that I want.

But of course if I ever have chemistry with someone that I am attracted to, I won’t push that chance romance away … it’s just that I am not seeking and if it happens, good … if not, I got other stuff to look forward to (like surfing, climb Mt Fuji, meeting Yuma Asami and many many more)

Let me throw this question back to you Winnie… since you are so pro couplehood, are you aggressive seeking for love right now? What are the steps that you are taking to ensure the end of your singlehood soon? How are you finding love? Does your old love even haunts you anymore (I’m asking this because of the stories I heard and my own personal history)?

PS: I don’t mean to be harmful or hurtful to anyone with what I wrote. Please don’t be offended if I somehow did it. Read it like it’s meant to be funny...

PS 2: I am still on drugs when I wrote this … might not make much sense or I might deny it’s existence later on


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