Saturday, May 23, 2009

the Relationship Bet

Last Year, I had a bet with Mx Webmaster that by the time of his wedding, that all 4 "regulars" single columnists would still remain single ... by today, there about half a year left and I analyze my observation of the current status of the four participants .... offering him a chance to surrender now and lost half of the bet.

He used Gambling in a Casino analogy to describe my Observation and I thought it was quite spot on description on my observation.

#1 spread his bet all across the table. Betting on both Big and Small at the same time ... Whatever he wins, he will also lose ... he stands a high chance than the rest as he does frequently places his bet.

#2 avoid the Casino like a plague. Always seek solace in a Cinema. Unlikely to win at all unless the banker comes looking for him in the dark theatre.

#3 spend too much money on his gadgets. Might have no more money to go betting ... therefore reducing his chance in winning.

#4 is too cheapo to bet ... spend too much time in trying to get into the gambling section via FOC method.... not likely able to charm lady luck.

the above analogy and Observation should be taken in a candid manner ... it lacks substantial data and could only serve as a one person opinion. hope it will not offend anyone (or the participants) while reading it ...

*update ... this post had been approved and therefore see the lights of the day once again

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