Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Day for Covering a Movie event

I had one of the most lousy day in covering a movie media event. Felt so discriminated upon and so many things screwing up for me.

1st ) The Video cam I been using, suddenly got problem with playback. Then I realize the recording device wasn't working. All this happen right before I make my journey to the venue. Panic Mode and rush to get a head cleaner to solve the problem.

then encounter a orchard rd electronic uncle trying to convince me that no point saving this camera ... i think he want to sell me one but not in a million year will i buy from them. Only delay time .... then I went to other store and managed to get it for 26bucks !! damn ex the cleaner!! but the uncle seller was "nice" enough to sell me for 3 bucks cheaper ... was 29 at first

2nd) rush to the venue and waited for 45 mins for Gianna Jun ( Jun Ji-hyun ) appearance. That main press con only lasted 15 mins! then ask us to wait for about 2 hours for one on one.

3rd) No food provided. and the venue is at some hush hush hotel in sentosa which i was told a night stay there cost 600 bucks and onwards ... notthat the view is that great

4th) when to find food at sentosa ... was directed to this overpriced hot dog stand and a car park that charge 3 bucks per entry... still not that bad until when i try to get out ... the exit barrier can't detect my entry information! Got stuck there for a while as I couldn't get thru the ppl in charge

5th) during small group interview ... while i was video-ing ... i was told to stop recording! at first they say no photos but i didn't know they meant no video too ... which is quite funny cos we are not using flash... upon questionning, the organiser told me that only TV could film this group interview!

So Stupid !!!! Tv broadcast only last a day or two while my youtube video will last so much longer on the net !!!

very sian ...

but I must admit ... Gianna Jun ( Jun Ji-hyun ) was quite nice and when i was holding mic for my Japanese Radio Dj friend, she even offer to put the mic beside the her.

and the parking error turn out to be a free exit for me .. so save 3 bucks

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