Thursday, April 02, 2009

was I flirting?

I was calling up the Zoo for my friend's behalf. He wanted to book seats for Breakfast with Wildlife and wanted to get the seats that closest to the animals. He didn't mind forking out extra money just to get those "special seats".

So I called... and a lady with a nice voice picked up the phone. I explained to her that I am doing this on my friend's behalf and tried my best to secure those "special seats" (tired to bribe her with money and using the honeymoon reasoning, the "specially come over from Perth for this breakfast thingy" reasons).

Surprisingly, she asked if I was the "hubby" who is too shy to admit that I'm booking the breakfast thingy for my "wife". I was amused that she would say something like that and I told her if I am that "hubby", I would gladly admit it.

We went on with the bookings and she asked for my friends' name... which was Matt. Subsequently she asked for Matt's contact number and I told her that it would be better if she called me instead as Matt's carrying a Aussie phone. Gave her my hp number and she asked for my name.

After telling her my name, I told her: "See ... Matt and Richard are not the same person. I wouldn't be able to give you two different names if I was pretending to be not the "hubby" right?"

We had a laugh over that.

Later that evening, I told this story to my friend and my friend commented that I was flirting with her.... which made me wonder ... did I? hehe to a degree, I did feel that after putting down the phone but I wonder ... did I really?


Anonymous said...

don't think too much

richardlimjr said...

hahaha !!! Who are you ?????????? Could you be Esther !!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha i m mindy hahaha tsk tsk wonder u dun even know were u flirting or not

richardlimjr said...

hahaha well I usually flirt first then ask questions or name later :) haha

later I tell your John abt ur posting ah !!! haha