Monday, April 20, 2009

Birth & Death of Attraction

"Richard Lim Jr is wondering about the Birth & Death of Attraction. How did the sparks ignite & when did it die so suddenly and yet so unnoticeable ..."

Guess I was being melodramatic again

Today, when I was in the midst of packing stocks and rushing delivery ... this thought came into my mind... the same one that you read above ^ ... the Birth and Death of Attraction.

I had my fair share of Attraction and it usually comes hard and fast. Strike you with overwhelming bliss and untapped energy. Life will be like Sunshine even during the dark nights.

But I often wonder ... what created that sparks in between two person? How did it happened? Was it the image or attitude portrayed? or the ability to articulate in sms / msn format? Or was it that split second moment when one did something that he or she usually don't?

It could be one or numerous things and the funny thing is that, some might be aware of the what, when, why , which and how did the sparks happened ... many others won't have a clue ... like many others, I often scratch my head and wonder about's cupid shooting style and method.

Just like I don't know that exact moment when attraction was formed ... I am equally clueless when did attraction dies of a quiet and unnoticeable death. It's often not going to be a major accident that happens in front of you (tho I been thru some big drama rama hurtful fights that killed all my attraction for that person).

It's often likely to be small little things or incidents that caused one to lose all attraction for another. It could be how that person scratch his head when he is thinking or the sight of that person is wearing out on the beholder. Or it could be a new attraction had come along and old toy is well ... old. It could be 101 things and sadly I wonder, will the either party be aware of that it happened.

So while packing ... I wonder ... if we could ever pin point the date, time, location and the "what did I do" moment that caused the sparks or the smothering. It will be great to freeze frame those moments... take a snap shot and keep those photos in a bag filled with memories.

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