Friday, February 13, 2009

what sticky balls you have there?

out of the blue, my friend msg me that his balls feel sticky. That was right after we went to bath together (at the same time ... not same location).

Amused, I told him that mine is clean and not sticky cos I bath and clean properly.

then I asked if he wash properly .. which he said he did.

Since he was properly bathed and unlikely to have done any strenuous exercise inbetween bath n the sticky ball msg (unless he is withholding information from me!)

I asked him : "maybe your sperm leaking out ... go check your balls again for leakage!"

" ) sometime I amused myself in ways I could never expect.

Victim wished to be remained anonymous but readers could ask me if you know him or not ... I would gladly tell you personally behind his back ... so we can laugh behind his back ... hahaha "oh what sticky balls you have there"

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