Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I met Sandra Ng, Raymond Wong and Vincent Kok

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This post would also like to Thank my pro active partner in crime. His aggressiveness in asking to snap a picture with the stars resulted in the picture below. If only he was around when we interviewed Andy Lau ... I would have a physical proof that we were in a room with him before.

Sidetrack a bit: as I was scrambling around for victim to help us take this picture, I arrowed this lady who was using this big ass professional camera (should be from those major media). I assumed that she would be "expert enough" to take a good shot for us. When the picture came back to me ... I was kinda shock that she cut all our feet off ... with our knees still intact in the picture ... was rather shock to see such composition from someone holding such a professional camera.... or maybe she wasn't happy that I "used" her when she wanted to snap shots of Sandra Ng and Raymond Wong ....

Also with My Pro Active Partner's help, I managed to get signatures of Vincent Kok (who was surprise I got Double Tap for him .... not sure why but I hope I didn't get the wrong show for him to sign)

Sandra Ng (tired but still very nice and very classic Sandra Ng)

and Raymond Wong who aged a lot since Happy Ghost days (but still very nice to small time photographers like me)

thanks once again to my super duper pro active partner in crime ... with you around, I don't have to be that thick skin anymore ... hahaha

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