Sunday, January 11, 2009

One House ate Three House

After 3 long rounds .. from 2pm to 11pm ... after youngster's one zai wu (fake win) and one old expert's bei bao (kanna wrap ?? hehe paying the winner for everyone else), I had emerged as the sole winner ...

Kinda amazing ... this streak of luck that I am having ... Even managed to self touch a full house again

the East Wind belongs to me and it was East Wind turn ... so double fan for me ... the rest, I am sure you could work out ... with me drawing my own bai ban at the end ... Solid hor ?

My Aunt noted to me that the previous day winning and today's winning had already exceeded 50 bucks ... I am kinda thinkin of switching job to become a professional fulltime MJ player liao : )



Didn't knw u play MJ.

richardlimjr said...

okie la... play small small only ... only during the cny period that I get more invites to play ... otherwise i only play on viwawa where losing wont be so painful : )