Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Niu Year

I was wondering why didn't Moove Media took their cows out onto the greeny patch of streets since it's going to be the Cow Year. Just before the day is over ... I found them hanging around Orchard Rd. Felt kinda late but then it's better late than never. : )

Since it's the Cow Years, I was wondering why is Mac having Beef Burgers as their gimmick prosperity burger promo for the CNY. Just imagine, if the Cow "Brothers" are here to visit during the CNY period, won't they be slightly more than unhappy to see that they are marketed as the special set meal ???

Me ... I am going to stay away from Beef for the whole CNY period and will wear underwear with Cow's Logo on it ... so that they could identify me as a friendly instead of foe : ) some Cow-ism to share : )

Happy Niu Year to all : )

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