Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Curious Case of the Red Eggs Thief and How to Medically Predict the Gender of the Two Month Old Fetus

There so much to learn from my Mom ... the stories she tells are really as entertaining as the next Hollywood Picture. This time round ... it stuff about pregnancy and someone in my family is pregnant again. Cannot be named cos it is still in a very early and crucial stage (they don't want to jinx it).

Brace yourself cos this are the wildest far fetched stuff about pregnancy that I had heard.

How to get pregnant ? (Beside sex that is) ... it turn out that you could get your elderly (Preferably those Aunty or Mom type) relative to steal a pair of Red Eggs and put them secretly in your fridge for you.

That's what happen to my Aunt and She Who can't be Named. And that Elderly person is of cos none other than my Mom.

Many years ago, My late Grandpa asked my Mom to help my Aunt steal a couple of red eggs and put in my Aunt's fridge. My Aunt wasn't that "happy" to find the eggs after a few days but within a few months time ... she was pregnant! (hahaha if there are any cousin reading this post right now, feel free to msg me to ask if you are the one).

Fast Forward to this year, My Cousin Dylan's first born son had his ManYue recently and where there are Red Eggs, there will be this Red Eggs Thief in action. She did the same act (and even for me which I wonder how is this magical act going to impregnate a single man) and wah la ! there might be a Cow Baby coming in 09 09 09 (even the dates also so nice).

Amazing and could be true.

Next up would be how to accurately guess the gender of the Fetus within 2 months of conception.

Nowadays, the doctor could calculate the date of conception with the growth of Fetus. Then if the couple take note of their sexual intercourse frequency (which I wonder who actually take note of that), they could gauge which type of sperm made it into the egg.

As those who had learned Bio during school days, it turned out that there are two type of sperms ... the XY and XX chromosomes (fyi: XY = Male Baby, XX = Female Baby). What you might not know is that ... The XY sperms are fast and furious type ... they tend to rush into battle faster than their XX counterpart. But with that urgency, it also meant that the XY has very short life expectancy.

the XX on the other hand, takes a long time to reach the conception arena but can live longer (say a couple of days) than XY. Now with that knowledge, one need to know when will the Ring Egg fall into place. If it's after the the life expectancy of XY, then it's likely to be a girl girl.

Let's see if theory work or not .... come back in Sept to see if it's correct or not ... so If you want to "genetically chose" the gender of your next spawn, you got to time the sexual intercourse with the arrival of the Egg.

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