Sunday, December 02, 2007

so I ran 10 KM

*huh ?? but the pictures look like it's 2007!!! dont worry, this post is 1 year late ... i didn't get to post it last year and finally got to do it before the up coming run ... will archive it in time to come*

It might not be a big deal to some but someone who dread the 2.4km and only done cross country in a half walk / half jog mode ... this is a big deal for me

Took 1 hours 23 mins and 45 secs to finish.

I was a bit late but thought the race haven't started as there are plenty of people still gathering around the start point. But as it got later, something didn't feel right and I went to the start line and realized the race had started! those people waiting around are the females waiting for their race that's starting in half hour time. Yes as blur as someone who haven't really wake up yet.

The run wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Haven't been training that much before the race but surprisingly I managed to keep in the jogging mode thru out the race (tho there were moments when I think walking would be faster than my extremely slow jogging).

There were plenty of people to over take which served as a motivational boost. Saw a lot of people giving up and were just walking instead of jogging. These people are in better shape than me and I don't understand why did they pay for this event but walked instead of jog?

I was also lucky to run beside this uncle who got a pacing watch. His pace and that ticking watch helped me to maintain a steady pace until the 7km - 8km mark that I wasn't able to keep up anymore.

I wasn't sure if my knees could take such pounding for such a long time but weirdly, it was my ankles that felt dislodged. After the 8km mark, I could feel my ankles's bone no in sync with my feet. It's not painful but it definitely doesn't feel right.

Checking the Stand Chart website, I also found it funny that I crossed the finish line with a guy call Victor too ... cos the Victor below is the guy who got me to take part in this run

Overall, it was a great experience finishing something that felt like a tall deal for me. The run left a great feeling and I Will be running again next year : ) either to break my "record" / timing or take on the 21km

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