Saturday, December 27, 2008

Andrew Berak Me

Berak means Shit in Malay

Was going to hospital to see my Dad and was stopped by Andrew at the door steps. He wanted to go out with me and normally I don't bring this little bugger along as I have difficulties in controlling him. But I thought SGH is close by and his Grandfolks would be delighted to see him, I gave him the ok after clearance from his Mom.

so off we go ... to a good start. He was very obedient and buckle up when requested. Had some meaningless chat about cars (this 4 years old knowledge on cars had exceeded mine) and other Kungfu stuff. In short, an enjoyable short ride.

Reached SGH carpark and waited for an empty lot. Saw one far behind and reversed back quickly to chop the lot before any cars come by. While reversing, Andrew who is leaning on the seat with his Bum up, gave me the Shrek's Puss in Boots look and said

"Da Jiu, I Berak"

I jam break and the first two words that went thru my mind was "NO BERAK", then it was "are you shitting me ???" (Puns weren't intended but it fitted very well to the situation)

I wasn't equipped nor prepare to deal with this and was freaking out on how to get this little shitter to his Grandma for clean up ops. and to think he was such a good boy till now ! Holy Shit?

Then I told him .. "Don't Move, Keep your Bum up from the Seats and don't touch the dashboard" "Let me finish reverse parking my car first"

After which, I looked at him and asked how come he never go before leaving my house. I was worried that he might have wanted to rush out to go on a car ride with me that he kept his incoming shit a secret from me. Then I asked him how bad was it and he gave me that "bo bian" (what to do / helpless ) look. I felt bad for him and suddenly he crack a smile !

I suspect something wasn't right and I kept asking him whether did he really Berak in his pants. This chronic young talented liar kept saying he did. it was until I told him that I won't be mad at him if he didn't then he broke into laughter !

I can't believe I been shited on fooled by a 4 years old !!!

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