Saturday, November 29, 2008

Same Old Excuses

Before we continue on with this post ... please bear in mind that I am getting old and the problem with old age is that the brain engine starts to slow down (not that it's fast to start with in the first place).

Two days ago (or was it three) ... I suddenly remember that one of my best platonic female friends would be having her birthday on the 28th. So I mentally told myself that I would like to either give her a call or send her a sms on her birthday.

Smart readers would automatically pick up that when the plan is being spelt out, it only meant it didn't went according to plan.

I gotten a SMS this evening ... right after the Black Friday episode and still in a zombified mode that "I had been demoted from my dear friend's list of friends" for forgetting to wish her a Happy Birthday for the second time in a row !

I know that in her heart, I rank quite highly on that list : (

After reading that, I was in a slightly amused but mostly panic mode ... I just couldn't believe that I had forgotten something that I told myself to remember just a couple of days ago ... in the moment of desperation, I came up with something good and told her that I will make it up to her by getting her a extra goodie Christmas Present next month

I thought it was a pretty good attempt to get back into her good books

4 hours later ... she sent a sms. It seems that I gave the same promise last year and failed to live it up then ... (kinda sound like the story of my life) ...

I was equally impressed and embarrassed that I came up with the same great idea twice !! hahaha but I mentally told myself that I will prove her wrong this time round!!!

Dear Readers ... any suggestion what to give this pretty petite great friend of mine who went through a couple of my most difficult times in my life ??? of cos the one who come up with the best suggestion will get a equally good prez for Xmas

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