Saturday, October 18, 2008

So I got my first pair of Jogging Shoes

The KamSiap (cheapo) Me had never really bought a pair of running shoes before ... I had always used what our dear National Service had provided and all along, I felt that it had served it's function (bear in mind that the intensity of my exercise after NS went down compared to my Sec / Poly Days).

Anyway, after that encounter with my cousin n my old schoolmate & my body parts (ankle n knee) gave me warning signs, I knew it's time to get a pair of proper shoes as I am racking up some serious Kilometers weekly. (serious to me but I know most other runners probably take it as a warm up distance). Getting old already, I don't want to injure myself anymore than I already had.

After doing some research, I narrowed the brand to Asics , they are branded as the runner's shoes. I assume that my feet belong to the flatfeet type (tho I am not entirely convinced that I run like a flat feet) and for that case, there were only a few model that I could choose ... Foundation, Evolution, GT 2130 & Kayano

In the end, I got this : )

The selection process was amusing and I guess it show how indecisive and easily sway type of person I am.

Initially, I wrote Foundation off as I felt that Evo was a better option since it gotten award during the recent trade show. Kayano was one of the shortlisted one as 1) my running buddy uses it n 2) won award too but was the most ex. Then's there the GT 2130 which I didn't do much research on but it won award again and laggi cheaper than Evo n Kayano.

In the end, I decided to go for EVo ... I guess my heart was with Evo all along and went to test try the shoes in the first shop that I went to ... but upon testing it, there something poking my inner heels, which was damn uncomfortable.

The old uncle that was serving me told me to try Foundation instead as Kayano is for those marathon runners and I need more cushion instead (meaning I'm fat) and I gave it a try. At that stage, I didn't even bothered to ask the price of Foundation around QueensTown SC, only checked for the other three.

When I tired it, Foundation felt very good. Nothing was too cramp around my feet and the heels felt comfortable too ... at that moment, I had that "it's the one" feeling.

Happily, I got it and was on my way home ... and so happy, I took out the box to see my new shoes again and too my horror ! I discover that there a rat inside the box ! nahhhhhhhhh just checking if you are still reading or not : )

it's Foundation 7 and the current mode had already reach Foundation 8 ! I gotten a generation older type of shoe ! haiz, felt so cheated! stupid! ... I think I got carried away by that moment ... I guess I can only console myself that hopefully it will function well as I want it to .

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Loong said...

weight problem and shoe?
interesting combination...