Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Own Teriyaki Burger

Wanted to make bugogi beef with raw lettuce wrap but just as I was checking my fridge before heading out to supermarket, I realized I still got left over mince beef from the failed Pepper Lunch Curry Beef Hamburger attempt 2 days ago...

I always wanted to make Mos Teriyaki Beef Burger as it seems simple enough tho over priced at the fast food restaurant. I was only short of breadcrumbs n hamburger bun so decided to not waste food (tho some part of the mince beef had already turned black but overall it looked eatable) and tried my hand and creating the teriyaki burger.

it turned out to be quite good.

Toasted the bun with butter and it was crisply muncher. The beef was good too ... with breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, egg n milk ... it cook well and was relatively easy to make.

I learnt not to make the beef patty too large as when I tried to flip it, it just broke into pieces. The smaller patty had no problem. Didn't overdose on the teriyaki n mayo sauce too. So it didn't rob all the taste but still left it's presence there when I took a bite.

Overall, a happy experience ... now I want test subjects to try ! anyone dare ??

Cost Breakdown
Come to think of it, the burger is quite cheap to make ... I would say it cost abt 1.50 for one burger

beef patty cost abt 50 cents as one pack of mince beef cost abt 5 bucks n 10 patties can be made.
lettuce cost abt a few cents. 10 at most
garlic, onion, breadcrumbs, egg n milk cost abt 40 cents
buns cost less than 50 cents.
teriyaki n mayo sauce cost less than 40 cents.

imagine the profit that the company is making : ) plus they get the material at cost price and as they say it, the more processed the cheaper the food get ...


sxsy16 said...

so when are you going to open your own cafe?

richardlimjr said...

when my menu got more than one item to offer : ) I think I need another four or five items ba ... need to think of more main dish, soup, side dish, drinks and desserts

plus i need taster / tester to see if can sell the food or not ....