Monday, October 13, 2008

Mr Brooks and Me

Eversince My not-related-younger-brother got me a dvd copy of Mr Brooks from the states, I been considering whether to get a copy of my own.

"Huh" you might say ...

well there is this one reason that constantly bug the anal collector mentally in me (a secret between the buyer and me ... something he shouldn't had let me know) ...

and now! there is another good one to "buy (one) more" copy of Mr Brooks (in the upcoming economy downturn ... tsk tsk tsk). I just found out that there are lenticular cover for Mr Brooks and it seems like new re-release of the dvds. Kinda strange cos they didn't do well in the theatre box office and I don't think they did that well in the dvd sales & rental too. I hope I am wrong and this movie is picking steam in the dvd sales so the filmmakers might get to do their sequels / trilogy for Mr Brooks

In the meantime, I am hunting this one down

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