Monday, September 01, 2008

ah fat flip pancake

I love pancakes (so much that I had pancake at Mac for breakfast and then realize that I am makin it for lunch again). I love Korean Pancakes and after a visit to the Korean Mini mart at Orchard Cineplex, I am all so ready to make some pancakes : )

the mix ... yup like rojak, ingredient can be anyhow added into a Korean Pancake ... for today's experiment, we used chong, crab meat and baccon (good to oil the pan)

now the moment of truth ... can i successfully flip the pancake ?

do u think the flip will be successful ?? play the video to see

there were a couple of times when the pancake didn't fall properly but I'm sure you don't want to see those mistakes ... so let jump till

the final try

the most ya ya video of this post : )

and here The End results : )

taste quite yummy even tho the flour mix was the cheapest on the rack ... taste like waffles which my Mom agrees ... overall, the most fun in making the pancakes was the flipping bits ... hehehe and the eating parts hahaa


Your One & Only Younger Brother said...

Are u wearing that same shirt when u come to meet me? Anyway your pancakes look tasty, i like pancakes too.

richardlimjr said...

I only got that few shirts so don't be so surprise ....

tsk tsk tsk ... fine ... I am too fat to wear my other shirts so the options became limited ...

You want ? next time I flip for you ... hahaha