Tuesday, August 26, 2008

why thank god?

Miami Ink just feature this tattoo on this guy who had survived a potentially fatal fall. he had a cross with wings tattooed onto his shoulder and thanked god for keeping him alive.

I can't help but wonder why is there a need to thank god ? Let's not talk about my belief in religion and assume that god do truly exist ... I still can't really see the point in thanking him.

first of all ... as Christians who believed in heaven after passing on this life, isn't that such act by god withholding you from eternal joy and actually making you suffer more in life?? come on face it, in life extension, the probability of going thru more lost with love ones, relationship woes , financial problems , watching the world destroy itself and blaming everyone else but themselves and etc (i think u get the point) just increased .... I know some will argue that the joy comes with suffering shouldn't be discounted but if you claim to love god so much ... shouldn't you be with your god sooner than later???

then ... ever wonder "who" put in such potential fatal situation in the first place if god truly exist ? satan ??? the devil ??? now remember god is all mighty and can control all things except your freewill and to that degree, even if the accident wasn't planned or done by god, he had in his infinite power allow it to happen ... I just find it hard to thank the one to put / allow one in such situation ... he did it so that i can be thankful to him? oh spare me the pain and misery please

Some might say that god has a plan ... a master plan that we human won't understand ... it will be like ants trying to understand humans action ... which just sound like bullshit to me ... if i don't understand , what make you so smart that you can understand the actions of a certain being that we all can't see or hear? cos you can feel it ?? well aren't we all just three blind folks feeling up an elephant?

why cant we just accept that we were lucky enough to survive a potential fatal accident? a roll of dice and we just happen to come on top? there's no one bigger higher or more powerful than us and we are just a spec of dust trying to survive the chaotic randomness ... it's ok, you don't have to panic ... this isn't a school bus without driver or a fish tank with the mysterious hand feeding us ... it's ok that no one is in control of things that happen ... bad things do happen but we definately don't need to credit god for getting over it ... u did it so be proud of it

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