Saturday, August 09, 2008

What the Point of this Question?

Ought to be shot

Recently, there a TV spot for The Clone Wars on Channel 5 and MediaCorp send this media artist over to Japan to cover the Gala Premiere. This reporter got travel all the way to Japan (yes! I was drooling at the perks that he was enjoying) to interview the Singaporean fans who traveled all the way there, the voice behind C3PO and the director.

What stood out for this interview session was this question that the reporter asked the director... "If Miss Piggy and Yoda got into a fight, who will win the fight (or something along that line)"

On one hand, I know that he is trying to be "funny" and the linkage that the original Yoda and Miss Piggy are from the puppet family and Frank Oz but it really felt that he didn't really done any proper research for the movie or ask the relevant question.

Would a fan of Star Wars be interested in such a silly match up? I am not really a big fan of Star Wars (after what had happened with EP 1 2 3 and the over squeezing of cash Cows incidents) but this kind of question would definitely not help generate any interest for this film either.

It also reminded me that my friends were complaining about the spoiler issue that a reporter posted an Today article about the Dark Knight. Not only did she gave away a major turn of event that came so unexpectedly, she also went on, blabbering on about writing a marriage proposal to Christian Bale ...WTF! a guy who is married since 2000

These two incidents just made me shake my head in despair ... there are fans who are really interested to know more interesting and useful information (without veering off to spoilish land). I can't believe that there are major companies that actually spend the money on people, send them so far to ask this kind of pointless question and editors who actually approved these kind of questions. What a bloody waste of money!

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