Friday, August 11, 2006

Pasta Express @ Hong Lim Market

Was near Hong Lim Market and been itching to try out the food there. There are a couple of food on my hitlist there such as the Outram Kuay Teow and Ipoh Hor Fun but today, I got craving for something western and there's one western outlet that doing well enough to be recommended by

Pasta Express!

Went around the level 2 of Hong Lim Market during lunch time and it was packed with hungry office people. Pass by the Outram Kuay Teow and the queue was rather short but I was on about finding the pasta shop.

When I found it, I was surprised that it was flank by two stores that have super long queue. One is the Ipoh Hor Fun and the other one was selling Mushroom Noodles. Sadly, there was no queue for Pasta Express. Must be a damn hard place to have a store! To be stuck inbetween to super popular stores and these three stores were enclosed to one corner by themselves.

Anyway I pressed on and ordered

Consumed >
Fettuccine Carbonara

Goodies > It's really one of the best pasta I had in a market environment and It's even better than some of the pasta shops in shopping malls.

Yuckies > It didn't look like anything that it was advertised. Was a bit disappointed to find no egg on top of my pasta

Cost > $4
Returning (?) > Sure but then there are other stores to check out first
Weblink >
Address > Blk 531A Up Cross St #02-42 Hong Lim Market S051531

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